It is normal for a couple to argue, patch up, laugh, love and talk keeping the going smooth. But when the tiffs begin to get a bit too often for your liking or either of you refuse to come out of your stubborn stance and persist with your point of view, it is time that you consider seeing your local Couples counsellor at the Gold Coast for good.

Some tale-tell signs

It is the tendency of most people to think that it is alright to give time for the differences to get sorted out on their own. But little do they realize that things have actually started getting out of control and it is time to see the Couples counsellor in Broadbeach. These are some sure signs to look out for:

  • If you have lately observed that your partner prefers to keep to herself or himself instead of the normal sharing and talking that you enjoyed earlier.
  • Every time that you talk, the conversation invariably ends in bickering where you blame each other for all that is happening.
  • Your spouse seems more happy and content to spend time out of the house either at the workplace or with friends and booze instead of with you and the family.
  • Either you or your spouse is undergoing sudden bouts of depressions that is adversely affecting your normal life.

It is your relationship and you are always in a better position to judge what the changes that are taking place are and how severe they are. In case you are not too sure you can visit the Couples counsellor Gold Coast by yourself at first and talk to her or him and later ask your spouse to join you for the subsequent sessions.