Settling a case through mediation is a short-term process that settles the case rather fast. Quite understandably, the mediator plays a dominating role in the entire story. Usually, the cases are solved in a lesser number of hearings. However, the first meeting plays the most important role where the mediator Loganholme plays a very important role. The first meeting is the initiation of the case, and that is why the warring parties depend on the mediator.

In the first meeting, the mediator does the following things:

  • He requests the parties to sign the Agreement that is devised by the Authorities. The agreement sets the terms for the code of conduct for the entire mediation process.
  • In the very beginning, the mediator gives a brief description of the case along with a short description of his role in the case.
  • He explains the process with special reference to the standing norms and provisions that regulate the highest status for confidentiality.
  • He participates in discussions with the parties to know if they give him the consent to hold individual or separate meetings with them. The consent is often sought in black and white.
  • He allows the parties to give a brief description of the case from their own perspective. The parties can do privately with the mediator in Broadbeach or Loganholme. They can even do the same in joint session in the presence of the opponent party.
  • The mediator can ask direct questions to the parties individually or jointly. The questions must be related to the cases directly or indirectly.

The impact of the first meeting is very important as it brings the best opportunity to the mediator and warring parties to know one another. This is the most important part of the case that leaves an impact on the remaining part of the procedure.