With technology ever in search of ways to provide an enhanced output for human use, the number of equipment that are used are always on the rise. It calls for securing of the equipment that is done with the help of brackets. Among them, the pole mount bracket is of paramount importance as it helps in fastening the part of the gadget that is engaged in high performance.

Types and use:

Detailed below are the different types of the pole mount brackets available and how they are used for different purposes:

  • Universal Top of Pole Mounts are meant to hold a range of equipment like the solar panels perched atop a poles secured with the clamps and bolts. The clamping systems are made out of heavy gauge steel and also aluminum to provide the necessary tensile strength. It should also be capable of resisting the elements of the weather.
  • Top of Pole Mounts can mount several modules and also has the facility to elevate the equipment at different angles. In most cases, the solar modules are the ones that are secured with the clamping in such mounting types.
  • The Side of Pole Mounts is perhaps the most common type of mounting that are used for a host of areas such as the solar panels and different kinds of radio frequency wave capturing devices. The securing can be done with the help of clamps or even with chains as per the specifications of the gadgets.

Companies that are into manufacturing them are aware of what type is best suited for a specific mounting type and draw designs to bring out better models.