Pharmacy links the health sciences with chemical sciences. The scope of pharmacy practice is high including mix and match of chemicals. Pharmacists are experts on drug therapy, who are the primary source of medication and give patients ray of hope related to health issues. The pharmacy colleges in Kolkata can give students the chance to become renowned pharmacists, or head towards research industries.

As pharmacists are the primary group indulged in the practice of pharmacy, we can truly look up to them in times of emergency. The contribution of a successful pharmacist depends on the knowledge acquired by him from the university he gained his degree. In India the primary degree to become a pharmacist is a diploma. In the state of West Bengal, the degree can also be gained from the various Top B.Pharma colleges in West Bengal. After gaining basic education from these colleges, the students are required to acquire broad knowledge on medicines, scientific principles, and techniques. He needs to keep in pace with the updated technologies and development in medicine and pharmacy.

  • The pharmacists should acquire sufficient knowledge on medicine practices to become self-learners. With the development of specific and synthetic drugs, the roles of pharmacists have taken a big change.
  • The pharmacists nowadays should be able to evolve themselves and practice the usage of modern medicine.
  • They should also look after the protection of the public against dangers. The public should be well aware before the taking of drugs by the pharmacists.

The most efficient way of knowing the best colleges for DPharm or BPharm in West Bengal is to talk to the college students directly who are studying in these colleges. College websites can also help in providing data about the renowned colleges.