The idea of engineering came from the grey matters of British Raj, then rulers of India. Previously engineers were mostly recruited from Britain and very low skill based workers were recruited locally. To make the people in India more skilled and efficient, industrial schools were established. The first engineering college in India was established in Uttar Pradesh (UP). This college was named as IIT Roorkee. This college was ranked among one of the top engineering colleges in India. They trained civil engineers who later on built many successful structures.

Students find difficult after their class 12 to set the right goal for themselves. They often get misguided. It is always beneficial to get quality education from the top engineering colleges in Kolkata, West Bengal.

  • Being an engineer is not easy. It is really a prestigious position an engineer holds in the society. The respect comes automatically when you see an engineer because their way of living is tough compared to non-engineering students.
  • Among the high ranking CEOs around the world, you can always notice engineers. The first and foremost is Google. Getting into an engineering college changes their way of thinking. It makes students creative as well as innovative towards their approach.
  • It really feels good to think yourself as an engineer. Engineers always contribute to the society. These top ranking engineering colleges in West Bengal creates a new you.  The students feel pride when they work with top companies and literally boast of their work in future.