Outdoor antenna needs are becoming increasingly essential especially in areas that are far away from the towers and have poor signals. The need may be for the video, audio as well as data signals. However, the correct installation of the antennas is a crucial aspect, and the use of the exact tower mounts accessories plays the most important role.

Popularly needed pieces for mounting

It is important that you choose the correct antenna that will provide you with the best signals. These, however, have to be secured with the help of accessories as described below:

  • 800M-Tow_Angle-10 Basic 10 Inch Tower Mount: The accessory is carefully designed to secure the mount of GPS Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Reflector Dishes and also any other device on an iron leg or tower.
  • 800M-Tow_Angle-450 Cambium 450 AP Angle Iron Tower Mount: This mounting accessory has a square plate that can accommodate 450 access points that can be directly attached to the angle on an iron leg.
  • 800M-Tow_Angle-6 Basic Tower Mount 6 Inch: The angle allows for a tilt that is just correct to mount all kinds of antennas to capture the signals and reflect them back with the highest intensity.
  • 800M-Tow_Angle-V V Block Pipe Standoff Mount: The design of the accessory provides a V block that provides secure mounting on any type of leg structure. The facility of the tilt enables the easy directional angling of your antenna. The V iron angle is good for mounting with hose clamps.
  • 800M-Tow_Angle-P-24 24 Inch Pipe Standoff: This accessory is essential to enable the mounting of the devices away from the leg. This becomes especially significant when the antennas are large in size and need more space at the base.
  • 800M-Tow_Angle-P-36 36 Inch Pipe Standoff: The function of the piece is similar to that of its 24-inch counterpart only that the standoff length is greater for specific needs.

The tow angles are also available with the 48-inch standoff for the mounting of those antennas that need even larger space management. Each of these products are indigenously designed and manufactured in the USA by McCown Technology with the highest quality material. Each of these are available through their website https://www.mccowntech.com/.